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Security and Home Automation

Gone are the days when security and automation devices are only for the exclusive use of commercial establishments. Homes are vulnerable to invasion and burglary too, hence, the need for security systems and devices for residential use. Luckily, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, you can now sleep soundly and live peacefully in your home, knowing that security is just at the tip of your finger. If you are from Chandler, Arizona, we are the company to call for your home security and automation needs.


Security Equipment

Our company provides and installs the right equipment for your home’s security and protection. Aside from alarms, we can also provide you with reliable and advanced cameras. We install doorbell cameras, wireless outdoor cameras, and wireless indoor cameras, among others. We can connect these cameras into your system so you can stream live video feeds on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, whenever you like and wherever you are, especially when you are not at home and you need to check if things are fine and well in your abode. Our home automation equipment and devices also include thermostat, keypad door lock and light control. Everything at your convenience; security at the tip of your fingers.

Home Monitoring

With home automation, monitoring your home especially when there’s nobody home is easier. This saves you time, money and worry. In Chandler, we provide and setup automated controls and devices. Home automation allows you to access these control devices in your home from your smartphone or any other device. Traditionally, the devices automated are those concerned with the security of the home such as locks, surveillance cameras, sensors, smoke detectors and alarm systems. But other devices can now also be hooked up remotely to your mobile device. With home automation, you can now access controls to your sprinklers, thermostats, lights, electrical outlets, appliances, and heating and cooling systems.


Home Automation

Until recently, home automation only includes basic control. And the central control of systems was only found in expensive homes and large commercial buildings. But the playing ground has been levelled. Now, control, monitoring and scheduling is no longer limited at specific control points within the building. Technology has gone remove with the help of WiFi and others. Individual points like outlets and switches and electrical systems are now integrated into home automation networks. This makes monitoring everything in your home easier and more convenient, even when you are outside Chandler at the moment. Because you can monitor anywhere in the world.

Residential and Commercial

Whether you need high-end commercial security or basic residential security, TeknaSystems is the company to call. We provide low-cost alarm and camera installations and home automation services not just in Chandler, but also in other parts of Arizona, from Gilbert, Tucson to Flagstaff. Our customized low cost solution is second to none in these areas. Name it; we can beat other offers within Arizon by 15%.

Here at Tekna’s, we don’t just follow old models of providing traditional security system. Our services come with modern enhancements, both for residential and commercial purposes. We heighten security with our video surveillance systems, among others. We cover all the security you need in your home or business. We can customize things to suit your needs. You can add the monitoring plan, cameras and sensors of your choice.

Protect your home and make monitoring easier. Contact us today so we can start installing the things you need.

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