Burglar Alarms

You Can Now Feel as Secure as Ever


We all miss the times when we can leave our doors unlocked and still feel safe. But times have changed. It seems that theft, burglary and home invasion are now everywhere. You just can’t be sure anymore. Luckily, you can now feel as secure as ever. We make sure of that through our burglar alarms and home security system. You can now arm your home system from anywhere using your tablet, computer or smartphone. That’s security for you right at the tips of your fingers.

With our burglar alarms and systems, you can protect your home against home invasion and theft. Our licensed and trained technicians will install the state-of-the-art safety system that you deserve. Now, with modern enhancements, you can easily check on the status of your home security like you are just checking your texts or emails.

The following are just some of the many great things you can expect from our services:

Security Panel

We install user-friendly alarm panels designed to protect your home from intruders. Our technicians will tailor the devices to your needs and lifestyle. Anything you need just so you can feel a high level of security and safety.

Wall motion detector isolated on white

Motion Detector

Our detectors are the most important to our burglar alarms and systems. These detectors will sense any movement in your hallways, rooms, stairs or other parts of your home. With these, you will be alerted if there’s an intruder in your house.

Burglar Alarm System Response

Monitoring and fast assistance are also part of what you can expect from our home security systems. This means that when the alarm sensor in your home is triggered, we will immediately contact emergency response services to keep your home and family safe.


Elite Partners

We believe that everyone deserves the best security system for your home or business. This is the reason why we here at Tekna are partners only with the elite and the best. We can get you the best elite security systems from our partners, the same quality used in multi-million dollar estates and banks. Yes, the same equipment. We make this possible because we are not tied to just one provider, unlike other security companies. We deal and partner with five of the best security systems providers to ensure that we meet your requirements and satisfaction. As we say here in Tekna, we do it because it is what you should expect and what you deserve.

While most security systems come with a price, ours don’t. We believe that everyone needs the same kind of protection and security. We install and provide quality security systems and burglar alarms at a price you can afford. With our help, there is no more room for worries. Contact us today and we will send our technicians to install the burglar alarms and security systems that you need.

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