About Us

When you're raised in the desert you learn to be efficient.


Tekna pioneered the high-end/low-cost security system in 2003. Before then these terms were contradictory and still are to many of our competitors. By increasing our buying power (volume) we are able to pass the cost savings onto our cherished client-families.

From our humble beginnings in rural Coolidge Arizona (pop. 8,400) Tekna has grown into the nation's premier security provider.

These humble beginnings helped foster core values we stil hold onto today. Integrity, honesty, dependability and efficiency.

Although it was difficult to see our home town go, efficiency demanded we move to a more geographically central location. At Tekna, the decision to keep costs low and keep our customers happy is always the right choice.

Tekna understands the current economic climate. Keeping up with changing times is what we do best. Like an oasis in the desert, you will find that dealing with Tekna is very refreshing.

What People Are Saying About Alarm.com,
Tekna's Monitoring Company

"An innovative app to control everything from locks and lights to security systems and thermostats."

"One of the coolest integrations we saw [at the Apple Watch keynote event] was all the stuff you can control through Alarm.com using the watch. Security cameras, lights, locks, doors. Just a few taps and you can keep tabs...from anywhere."

"I found the system powerful and easy to use. I especially liked the way the system's components work together."